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Powder Brows-Your skin really matter to us!

When I say that "Eyebrows are tailored for you", I really mean it.

This is the Powder Brows technique and as it sounds it mimics the effect of a "Powder" on the skin.

The technique is performed by the application of a certain hand movement, speed and light pressure but do you think this applies to all the skin types?


So here it comes my saying that Eyebrows are tailored for you🙌 in fact, different skin types require to be treated differently. The picture above shows a work for which the skin needed a complete different approach from the standard one, in fact the Powder Brows effect was a pointillism technique. Yes, you read it well, those eyebrows were made by thousands of small dots.

Why is that?

Very simple, when I work on such sensitive skin type, my job is both to find the best way to minimize inflammation and to increase retantion. Performing small dots it implants the ink into the skin with minimal trauma/bleeding or swelling resulting to a great healed result.

Yes, it takes much longer but the final outcome is simply beautiful ❤

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