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Permanent Makeup Lash lIne Enhancement. What is it?

This is a permanent make up procedure designed to improve the appearance of your eyes and lashes. Like it says its name, lash line enhancement is a line tattooed between and slightly above the lashes. Once healed the ink gives the illusion of fuller lashes similar to the effect of an eye pencil.

Black is the recommended colour to perform this treatment as the brown may heal too light.

Among the permanent makeup treatments, LashLine Enhancement is the less invasive one. The swelling disappears within 24hrs, without bleeding during the process and the scubbing is barely noticeable. However, like any other treatment, it requires a bit of attention and preparation. Hence, before the appointment it's recommended that clients remove their false lashes, contact lenses and eye makeup. Also, any lash regrowth serum session should be paused at least a week before the appointment to avoid skin sensitivity and potential excessive swelling. In addition, similar to brows and lips, no makeup should be applied on the eyes until the area is completely healed.

A touch up appointment is included as it is recommended to complete the treatment and it should be done within 6-8 weeks from the first appointment.

This treatment may be defined as the "universal one" as it suits everyone's face, age and eyes shape.

For a more dramatic effect, Eyeliner Tattoo is appropriate.

How would you like this treatment?

Eyeliner or LashLine Enhancement?

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