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Permanent Makeup- When Feathering strokes is not a good idea

This is a typical example where I would never attempt to do Feathering Strokes technique.

First reason is due to the skin type. It is young and oily hence the ink would never stay and the strokes would not heal precisely and crispy.

Second reason, the natural hairs are very thick and dense, as a result the skin presents a large amount of sebaceous glands which makes the ink retention almost impossible. Due to the fact that the natural hairs are thick and dense, filling in the gaps with only feathering strokes technique won't give the same intensity and the eyebrows will still look uneven.

To sum up, as the strokes cannot heal properly for this skin type, Powder Brows is the most suitable choice. As you can see from the picture above, it is almost imperceptible and once healed it will look even more natural by giving the right definition to the eyebrows.

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