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Permanent Makeup- Can we really predict the final outcome?

How many times during a consultation with my clients I hear things like:" I want my eyebrows natural, light, bold, darker, soft, just fill in the gaps and so on.." Truth is that in the end it is the SKIN who decides. In fact, it is actually the skin that determines the technique of permanent makeup, how long the treatment will take, how long the effect will last and how much of the colour will fade over the years.

The picture above represents one of the most difficult skin type I ever worked with. It is the combination of a dry-oily and sensitive skin. This type appears oily on the T-zone as it presents some enlarged pores as well it's dry at touch and very reactive to friction. In addition to that, it was a cover up on a old tattoo (Microblading) which left scars tissues on the skin, making the whole process of tattooing even harder.

What helped succeed this treatment was certainly my client's commitment to it. Hence, patience and trust are of the main virtues needed when deciding to undergo this treatment. In addition, her diligence was also fundamental here, when clients do not look after their permanent makeup this will negatively impact on the final healed result. Also, when a client cannot wait to go back to the gym, to apply makeup, to tint the eyebrows or to see beautiful results in less than a week, I always recommend them to try a different treatment than having permanent makeup.

"Follow the instruction and trust the process" will remain one of my favorite motto💗

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