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Cosmetic Eyebrows Tattoo | Permanent Makeup clinic 

touch up within 4-6 weeks

touch up within 4-6 weeks

touch up within 4-6 weeks

touch up within 4-6 weeks

touch up within 6-8 weeks

touch up within 4-6 weeks

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
Eyebrow Treatment

What is it Feathering/Powder effect Cosmetic tattoo?


When we talk about eyebrows cosmetic tattoo, many people think about the blackish or greenish tattoo over the eyes forever. Well, sad truth is that we used to see faces with these kind of blocks but all that belongs to the past! Eyebrows cosmetic tattoo treatment has improved a lot throughout the years and the deliverable today is quite realistic. Cosmetic tattooing by means of Feathering or Powder effect, are in fact classified as a semi-permanent procedure which can simulate delicate and natural hair of a brow and a perfect shape treating a case of Alopecia, over-plucked eyebrows or simply enhancing and rejuvenating the eye area. It’s a time saver of your morning makeup and your best friend at the gym/pool.


Why is it a ‘semi-permanent’ procedure?

Because guess what? It won’t last forever. 


Due to the pigment which is made to be dissolved and exfoliated by the skin, Feathering/Powder effect Cosmetic tattoo, will start fading away after the first year and will last up to 1-2 years depending on your skin type. Durability of the treatment is also dependent on the specific skin type. An oily skin, featured by an over-abundant secretion of the sebaceous gland, will have most probably less pigment retention and will require regular visits for adequate topping up of the color tone. The pigment retention of dry/ normal skin is usually higher and the area will need less frequent top-ups (up to 2 years or upon special request). 


Which technique is best for my skin?


Feathering: This technique is the most popular as it gives natural effects. Newly tattooed strokes will lay harmoniously over the natural ones that will fill the gaps and give a bold brow body.

The best skin type for subject technique is dry/normal skin with well retained pigment, precise and clear strokes while the healed overall outcome is seen even, lighter, without blurred stokes and pigment migration.


Powder Brows: This technique is the best choice for everyone and recommended for oily and mature skin type. Powder Brows gives natural looks that simulate a great makeup on the eyebrows. The pigment retention of this technique is excellent and the inevitable fading process lasts longer.


Combination Brows: Fine and harmonious hair stroke-like will be pigmented starting at the one side of the brows to the other side with a darker shade to simulate the full bold brow hair. The final looks are natural, tidy and compact. 

How am I going to create your new shape?

No panic,- nothing will be injected into your skin without your consent.

Before going ahead with the treatment I am going to map and measure your eyebrows in order to achieve the most suitable and symmetrical pair of eyebrows for your facial feature. It is important to understand that this treatment is solely designated to enhance your natural beauty therefore any natural asymmetries will be only smoothed but not completely corrected. Once you agree with the new shape, we are then ready to proceed with the actual treatment. 

How am I going to choose the colour?

The colour choice of your Permanent Makeup will be based upon your natural eyebrows hair or head hair colour in case of alopecia. For Lips instead the choice will be entirely up to your selection. 

What do you need to know before booking for a Permanent Makeup service?


For all eyebrow cosmetic tattoo services it is recommended that you check-in “pre-numbed” with a cream available at any pharmacy. Applying this numbing cream one hour prior to the appointment the therapist will be able to begin the treatment immediately.

It is also important that you take provision of the following :

  • .Limit Sun exposure to face;

  • .No facial peels, skin treatment, muscle relaxant injectables 14 days before and after the treatment;

  • .Control blood thinner;

  • .Limit coffee and alcohol;

  • .Some medications may cause adverse           effects. Please get in touch for further            advice. Doctor approval may be required in some special circumstances.

  • .If you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive, please get in touch for further advice. I am unable to tattoo during pregnancy, please take the 6-8 weeks touch-up into consideration. The touch-up is a complimentary service which is valid for up to 12 weeks only and cannot be extended or exchanged for a credit.

  • .If the area you would like treated has existing Cosmetic Tattoos, please get in touch or send pictures prior to booking an appointment.

For 2 weeks Post-Treatment:

Avoid cardio workouts and excessive sweating

until the healing area starts to scab up (2-5 days). Once the scabbing starts, you may resume normal exercising, however be cautious of exposing the area to sweat.

Do not touch the healing area with fingers.

Do not submerge the area in chlorinated pools or salt water.

Avoid saturating the area in water.

Avoid hot, steamy showers, steam rooms and saunas until healed.

Avoid hot, spray tanning the area until healed.

Avoid consuming alcohol for 48 hours post-treatment.

Protect the area from sun exposure and ensure your skin is in good health for 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Certain chemicals in cleansers and moisturisers will accelerate fading and may discolour the tattoo. Avoid applying these products to any tattooed areas unless directed to do so.

Expected healing time between 5-10 days.

Week after treatment:

Where did the colour go?

During the healing process, the tattooed area will become intensely dark and minor scabbing will develop as new collagen rich skin forms underneath. This new skin temporarily makes the pigment appear faded and dull. Protect and nourish this new skin and the colour will return within a few weeks.

Important Prep and Aftercare information:


  • You may like to get your brows waxed/tinted 5 or more days before the treatment.

  • Do not tint prior to the treatment, I aim to color match according to your natural tones

  • Gently exfoliate 1 week prior to the treatment and ensure the skin is well nourished

  • Repeat the above step every second night until the day of your treatment.

  • Avoid using Brow growth serum at least 30 days prior to the treatment

  • You will be advised to avoid cleansers near the area during healing, I recommend washing your hair the day before your appointment as the treated area won't benefit from getting to much water on it.


  • Gently clean the area with a damp cotton tip, prior to applying Aftercare product.

  • Dab the area with clean tissue if necessary, to ensure the area is dry.

  • Using another clean cotton tip, apply a very thin layer of Aftercare product to the area allow to dry

  • Remove any excess product with the other end of the cotton tip

  • Repeat this process 1-2 times a day.

  • Do this before showering rather than after, so that the product can protect your tattooed area from excessive water.

  • Do not saturate the area from water during healing, until the final scabs naturally fall of (1-2 weeks)

  • Avoid cleansers on or near the area during healing, once healed be very cautious of exposing the area to intensive fading treatments such as chemical peels, micro needling, retinols and cosmeceutical grade products.

  • Once healed minor patchiness in colour may be present. This is normal and will be adjusted accordingly at the touch-up. Until this time, I recommend wearing eyebrows pencil to blend these areas.

  • Return for a touch-up at 4 weeks time



Always remember that summer is not the best time to get your eyebrows tattooed, however with a very diligent after care procedure we can still assure you of excellent results.

The worst enemy in summer is the Sun so stay out of it  as much as possible. Additive to the standard post care cream that will be given to you on your first treatment right after the procedure, protect yourself from the Sun by wearing hat and sunnies. No sunscreen product will be recommended to be applied within the first week. If you are planning a day out, a compulsory add on will be a thin layer of petrolatum such as Vaseline. This one will shield your tattoo against the Sun ray reflections which can still cause damage. Besides the Sun you will also need to avoid swimming in the Ocean, lake, pool, river ect.. as the bacteria can cause infection. Remember that your tattoo will be like an open wound on your face for the first week. Once your tattoo is completely healed, meaning it has gone through the entire scabbing/flaking process, apply sunscreen religiously for the rest of your life. If you don’t take the proper care for your procedure, your tattoo will easily fade or even worst can get infected, your skin can develop scars and the pigment can be ruined by getting darker or changing its hue.

In conclusion, please bear in mind that the more you tan , the more your tattoo fade. Sun exposure doesn’t happen just at the beach, please keep yourself protected all the time.

How do you get the perfectly healed result?

Skin type- Both technique, Feathering and Powder Eyebrows can be performed to anyone, however dry to normal skin types are the most suitable for Feathering Eyebrows technique. The reason why the artists don't really recommend this treatment to individuals who are having an oily skin type is because their skin cannot retain the ink as much as a dry one does, besides more touch ups are needed to maintain the treatment keeping in mind that we may never achieve that solid and bright result that was initially expected.

Aftercare- I provide each client with an extensive aftercare protocol. Diligence is fundamental here, so if you don't look after your permanent makeup this will negatively impact on your healed result.

Patience- an important virtue for this treatment If you cannot wait to go beck to the gym, to apply makeup, to tint your eyebrows or to see beautiful results in less than a week, please don't consider this treatment. Best option for you can be tint and shape.

Love for natural look- in general clients who opt for EP Feathering Eyebrows are those who seek to maintain a natural effect or want to reconstruct parts of their eyebrows which lost density in a very subtle manner. 

As you can see from the above picture the healed result of the first appointment, is very natural and imperceptible. The touch up session helps to intensify the colour of each stroke and to maintain  the overall brows looking natural and realistic. What I like to say to my clients is that Permanent Makeup, especially Feathering Eyebrows , can give the illusion of regrowth hair!


Eyebrows Tattoo healing stages
Eyebrows machine strokes
Feathering Eyebrows Tattoo
Machine Method
Eyebrows Permanent makeup

Natural definition with feathering eyebrows technique. The best candidate for this technique are those with a normal to dry skin. The procedure requires multiple touch up throughout the year due to the minimal amount of pigment injected into the skin

Powder Brow Effect
Eyebrows Powder effect

The ideal candidate for this pain-free solution are mostly those with blonde hair, or older women who need a long-lasting brow.

Powder  brows will also look great on women who have oily skin and for those who have excessive sun and heat exposure as well.

Eyebrows Combination Technique
Eyebrows Permanent Makeup

Fine and harmonious hair stroke-like will be pigmented starting at the one side of the brows to the other side with a darker shade to simulate the full bold brow hair. The final eyebrows look is natural, tidy and compact. 

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