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BOOKING POLICY | Eloisa Fulgaro Permanent Makeup

Booking Policy Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup typically requires a touch-up session within a month for several important reasons:

  1. Settling of Pigment: After the initial application of permanent makeup, the pigment may settle unevenly or fade slightly as the skin heals. A touch-up session allows me to fill in any areas where the pigment may not have taken as well or where it may have faded, ensuring an even and consistent appearance.

  2. Adjustments for Color and Shape: Sometimes, the color of the initial application may appear slightly different from what was expected due to the healing process. Additionally, minor adjustments to the shape or thickness of the eyebrows or eyeliner may be necessary to achieve the desired final look. The touch-up session provides an opportunity to make these necessary adjustments.

  3. Stabilization of the Skin: The skin goes through a healing process after the initial application of permanent makeup. This process can cause slight changes in the appearance of the pigment as the skin settles. A touch-up session within a month allows me to work on the stabilized skin to achieve more predictable and long-lasting results.

  4. Individual Healing Factors: Each person's skin heals differently, and factors such as skin type, age, and overall health can influence how well the pigment retains its color and shape. The touch-up session enables me to assess how the skin has responded to the initial procedure and make any necessary adjustments for optimal results.

  5. Long-Term Satisfaction: Ensuring that my client is satisfied with the final results is crucial. The touch-up session provides an opportunity for clients to communicate any concerns or preferences they may have and for the me to address these concerns and make any final adjustments to achieve the desired outcome.

By scheduling a touch-up session within a month of the initial procedure, I can ensure that any necessary adjustments are made to the permanent makeup, providing my clients with long-lasting, satisfactory results. Therefore, our price list includes the touch up session already as we really need to make sure that you will be back to complete the treatment.

Please note, if you choose to book your Permanent makeup touch-up after 12 weeks, there will be a minimum charge and additional touch-up appointments will be charged depending on your last appointment.


Brows and Lash appointments:

If you are going to be late please let us know as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you 15 minute after your appointment, we are entitled to cancel your booking to give priority to the next waiting person.

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